Most intelligent self defense item on the market: The tactical flashlight

We’re all about intelligence, especially when it comes to tactical gear. Surprised to read the title? It is true; tactical flashlights can be very successfully used as self defense tools in some of the most unexpected situations. Still don’t believe it? Let us consider a scenario so that you are able to picture various kinds of situations. You and your friend decided to take the boat out without finding out the storm updates. You and your friend have peacefully thrown in the lines and are waiting for the fish to bite. It’s late and you suddenly realize that the wind is picking up. Your friend gets up and starts to run the engine. To your horror, you both realize that the engine is now dead. The once calm sea is becoming more frenzied by the second. You know there is a lifeguard rescue ship somewhere nearby but they won’t be able to hear or see you in this stormy weather. If at this moment you had a powerful flashlight with you, that had strobe mode or some kind of SOS signal, life would be safe and peaceful again. If not, you can get in a very hazardous situation pretty fast.

Still not sold on the idea? Let’s consider another such situation. You are out walking alone, from work to home. You hear footsteps behind you and they sound ominous. You look back slightly and realize that there is a huge man walking behind you who is either planning to mug you or do something worse. There is no other person in sight so you can call out for help. What if the intruder has a gun? This is another scenario where a flashlight could help you in more ways than you can think of. And this is why tactical flashlights are becoming such a trend these days. Not only do they provide clear unflinching bright light, they can also save your life.

A tactical flashlight is one that is made from top grade aluminum and contains a powerful LED beam with a battery life that is long and extremely durable. Most self defense experts these days suggest that everyone should keep a tactical flashlight on them at all times. The flashlight is easy to carry and nobody will be threatened by its presence which means that you will also have an element of surprise on your hands. A thief or a mugger would not expect you to use a flashlight on them, so you can surprise them enough to escape a dangerous situation. Here are some ways that tactical flashlights can be used as self defense weapons. You can learn more about the top tactical flashlight on the market in this review.

Brightens the Threat

This is the first benefit of having a flashlight. No matter what the event or occurrence maybe, you can immediately turn on the flashlight and see what the danger lying ahead is. Even if you feel that the threat is no more dangerous than an open gutter (which can actually be pretty bad if you fall in) you can always check out by illuminating the area.

Flash in the Eyes

This is the easiest way to disorient a person or animal. The beam of the tactical flashlight is so strong that it can cause temporary blindness which means that you get the time to either run away or attack back. This works with animals too as they are scared of bright light directly in the eyes.

Blow to the Head

Most tactical flashlights are designed in a way that its surface is toothed or serrated bezel, which means that they can be used to hit a person who is threatening you. You can first shine the light in your attacker’s eyes and then strike them with bezel end. This will give you enough time to make an escape. What’s more, these bezel edges can also help in breaking windows of a house in emergency situations.

No Training Needed

Do you know how to press a button? Then that’s about all the training you need when it comes to the use of a tactical flashlight. Unlike firearms or any other kind of self defense tool, you don’t need to learn how to operate or use a tactical flashlight. It is as simple as pressing a button and presto, you are safer than you were before. Since the flashlight is also very light and convenient to carry, there is no chance of you dropping it or it rolling away (due to anti-roll surface), if you do drop it. This means that the flashlight becomes handier in some cases, even more so than a gun.

Helps with the Gun   

Because of its size and beam power, the tactical flashlight is perfect as an attachment for a gun. Even if you have firearms on you but can’t see your attacker, man or animal, you will not be able to shoot them to save yourself. The tactical flashlight can be attached to the gun and then used more accurately. There are some that can actually be added on top or below the gun so that you would not even need to carry two separate objects. It would make shooting easier.

Works Against Nature Too!

Yes, this is true. Self defense is not only against other humans but nature as well. As the example give above, you could be lost at sea or fall down a ravine. These are the times when rescue may not be able to hear your voice, which is why a flashlight will come more in handy than anything else. Flashlights are also the perfect things to keep yourself safe from wild animals. Most animals when they have lights shined in their eyes become too confused to react and generally just run away. Even if they don’t you can use the flashlight to either escape yourself or hit them on the head with the bezel head of the flashlight.

So these were some of the ways that tactical flashlights are excellent for self defense. Make sure you get a flashlight that is high on lumens so that the beam is very strong. Also your flashlight should be palm sized and bezel edged. Find the perfect one for you and start carrying it with you everywhere you go!

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