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Today, I’m going to go on a little bit of a rant about the intelligent systems and affiliate marketing industry.

While most people have a bone to pick with the overly-pushy affiliates, the guy who’s always inviting you over for living room meetings or the creepy dude approaching suits at the mall…

… I don’t have a problem with them.

Hey. At least they’re trying, right?

Not that what they’re doing is actually helping them make money (god, no), but at least these guys are making a good, honest attempt at success.

It’s the cheerleaders I really can’t stand, you know?

You’ve heard the term before right? People who sit by idly on the sidelines, cheering on their favorite quarterback?

Claiming that they want success, mouthing off about how much they’d love to start their own money generation machines, blindly dreaming for financial freedom, yet never taking action and never getting to work?

It gets even worse when these cheerleaders make a half-ass attempt at action, quit after not seeing any results and scream ‘everything is a scam’ from the rooftops.


If you cringed a little after realizing the person I described kinda sounds like you, don’t be ashamed.

I used to be top of the class at procrastination and never taking any action myself.

Wanna know how I finally slapped myself silly and snapped out of cheerleader zombie mode?

Two years ago, my friend and I joined a ‘Hackathon’.

You can learn more about Hackathons here, but in a nutshell it’s an intensive weekend where you come up with a business idea and begin execution over a 48 hour time frame. The best idea at the end of the 48 hours gets venture capital funding from investors for their shiny new business idea.

We came a close third, and although we didn’t end up getting the funds I felt so strongly about our business ideas that I began thinking of launching the business anyway.

The strategy we had was sound, we had a product we knew the market definitely wanted and we had the right team of people in place to execute.

In the end, we let it sit on the shelves and took no action.

My excuse? Plenty.

At 20 years old, I didn’t truly believe I had the capability to run my own shop, manage staff and keep a brand new business humming along smoothly.

I had an excuse for almost everything.

‘I needed to concentrate on my studies, I wasn’t going to get funding, I had no prior business experience, et cetera, et cetera.’

About a year later, I found out that somebody else started a company based on the exact same idea and is now an overnight success.

In just 6 months, they have pulled in a ridiculous $500k in revenue.

What. The.

I was absolutely pissed, but I have nobody to blame but myself, don’t I?

My own inaction lost me a chance at building a million dollar company.

I was a cheerleader and it cost me. Never again.

Which is why I roll my eyes and scoff whenever I hear somebody say ‘I just want to be financially free and become an entrepreneur too’, or anything along those lines.

Rude? A tad judgmental? Yeah. Probably.

But whenever I quiz them on what exactly have they done towards achieving their goals, 9 times out of 10, their pompous demeanor deflates like punctured balloons.

Behold, the same shitty cheerleader excuses.

‘Oh, I’m just waiting for the right business idea,’

‘I’m not qualified enough,’

Or worse still: ‘Well, uhh, I joined this company the other day, but I’m just waiting for my sponsor to get back to me,’

Pur-lease. ‘I’m not willing to put in the work to succeed,’ would be a more accurate description.

I believe that if a person really wanted success as badly as they say they do, they would’ve done something about it by now. Anything.

Talk is cheap. Like ‘no I don’t want your free samples’ cheap.

As Ronnie Coleman once said, ‘everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don’t nobody want to lift no heavy-ass weights,’ Grammatically incorrect quote, but you get the gist.

At the very first cue of hard work, these cheerleaders scatter like balls on a pool table. Meh.

I have way more admiration for the guy with the scruffy beard and worn out clothes who tries and falls flat on his face, than the cheerleader looking from the sidelines going ‘eh, told you so,’

Which is also why I cringe whenever I hear somebody bring up those failure statistics as a reason to not put their best foot forward.

Sure. For the uninformed, the high failure rate in the online industry can be pretty daunting.

And I’m certainly not denying the numbers one bit.

But who gives a care.

What, you think the grass is greener elsewhere?

In professional sport? In climbing the corporate ladder? In college? In business? In anything worth freaking fighting for in life?

Uh, no.

Whether it’s another opportunity, another affiliate marketing gig or business in general, I’m going to tell you the cold hard truth – its exactly the same.

Not because somebody scammed you into joining a scuzzy deal, but because most people are flat out lazy and don’t ever take any action.

You could have the best ‘deal’ in the world and you’re still going to get failures.

The only thing that determines if you’ll succeed in business? Your own god-damn work ethic.

Because if you work harder, grind longer and flat out-hustle your competition, you don’t really need to be paying any attention to income disclaimers and statistics. You’re going to succeed nonetheless.

See, something really strange happens once that little switch in your brain flicks on for the very first time: you start to enjoy the hustle.

Weird, right?

Ask anyone who has ever succeeded at anything in life – they get a certain high when they’re in the zone working on their craft.


Sure, other people might perceive it as hard work. But every successful person on earth will tell you the exact same thing – they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Take me. Like my own little cognitive boost, I get a certain high when I’m working on my internet business. Guilty as charged.

While most of the cheerleaders are out there catching the latest episode of the Bachelor, I’m sitting here in the zone, blogging away.

I don’t expect most people to understand this, but when you finally hit that threshold you’ll see for yourself exactly what I mean.

So go out there, get to work and GSD. Get Shit Done.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you’d realize that I toss the acronym ‘GSD’ around a lot.

Every successful person I know uses this term too, and for good reason.

The biggest difference between success and the masses isn’t talent, smarts or skills, but the ability to get things done and take action.

Everything else can be learned as you go along.

I’ve proven time and time again that having all the knowledge in the world won’t mean dick cheese if you aren’t ready to go all in.

Work. Grind. Hustle your way to the very top.

THAT’S what it takes to succeed.

Hope your seats getting a little warm. If you’re here, right now, reading this, it tells me you’re not meant to stay on the sidelines and watch other people score touchdowns for the rest of your life.

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